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Security Information

202002 - V1.03

Security Information


To protect customers’ interest, Eddid Securities and Futures Limited (“ESFL”) adopted the following specific security measures to enhance the security of our online trading system:


Encryption Technology

To ensure that the account information and transaction information are kept confidential when you are using our online trading system, ESFL has adopted to use (TLS 1.0) 128-bit encryption technology to encrypt all the information.


Two Factor Authentication

ESFL always striving to optimize investor’s trading experience, we adopted the Two Factor Authentication to strengthen the security of the use of network services.


Personal password

There must be a valid username and password to access our online system; if someone gave a wrong password more than three times when logging in the system, his/her account will be suspended automatically because of security protection.

We never ask for clients’ passwords by email or any other ways. If you have any enquiries, please call our service hotline at 852-3896 6300 or email to cshk@eddidsec.com (HK Client) / cs@eddidsec.com (non-HK Client) for more information.

Service Hotline and 24Hrs Investment Hotline Updates

Due to business needs, Eddid Securities and Futures has updated service hotline and 24hrs investment hotline below:

Service Hotline: (852)2655 0338
24Hrs Investment Hotline: (852)2655 0328

For any enquiries, please contact +852 2655 0338v or send email to cshk@eddidsec.com or cs@eddidsec.com. Thank you.