Asset Management

Our Vision

We provide tailor-made solutions for enterprises, professional and institutional investors in the everchanging market environment. Whether you are looking for stable returns or are willing to bear certain level of risks for higher return, we are here to work where opportunities are most optimal.
For companies looking for financing, we support quality companies to grow and cross the chasm to their financing needs.

Our Expertise

Our team of experts has more than 20 years of expertise in asset management. We are well-versed in the local market with a global vision.

Provide diverse and high-quality pre-IPO and IPO investment opportunities to professional and institutional investors

Design investment structures, tailored terms and protective provisions to address the mutual needs of the fund-raising companies and the investors

Provide access to capital for quality companies leveraging on our institutional and retail sales coverage

Combining both our private equity and investment banking expertise, assist companies grow and tap in the capital markets

Our Services

Equity Investment

Provide mid-to-late-stage private equity and IPO funding to quality companies, and offer advice in capital structure, corporate governance and ESOP to prepare our portfolio companies for listing
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Debt Investment

Provide bridging loan or mezzanine financing for pre-IPO companies, and invest in bond and convertible issuance of listed companies
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Fund Investment

Distribute top performing funds. Provide professional investors with access to third party VC, private equity, debt and equity funds issued by world renowned fund managers
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Single-Project Fund

Issue funds managed by Eddid to invest in leading private equity deals, providing access for professional and institutional investors into exclusive projects
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