Wealth Management

Wealth holds profound significance at any stage of your life. We provide sophisticated services to you and your family to protect and grow wealth, making your dreams come true.
By assessing your current financial status and understanding your personal and professional goals, we help tailor a plan to your specific needs. Our diversified range of products and professional services let you focus on achieving life goals with an extra peace of mind.

Our Goal

Wealth Appreciation

Pursue a high standard of living without anxiety while we plan your financial future for you.

Wealth Preservation

As the strongest foundation of your life, wealth needs to be attended and managed with caution. With our expertise, we monitor the everchanging market and discover opportunities for you, therefore you can continuously grow your wealth with ease.

Wealth Inheritance

We support you and your family in developing a solution that ensures the traditions, values and wealth remains from generations to generations.

Our Products and Services

Securities, Futures & Forex Investment
By accessing our one-stop trading app Eddid ONE developed by the pioneering Fintech and professional R&D team, you can swiftly invest in multiple financial products across global markets with one single platform, experiencing the smoothest trading experience.
Securities Financing
Provide financing services for over 1300 HK-listed securities and local government bonds, offering up to 85% and 97% margin ratio respectively, maximizing your power with incredible flexibility.
Carefully pick products from large fund companies, provide one-stop global fund investment services. Fund products range from currency funds, bond funds, equity funds to mutual funds, assisting you with diversified asset allocation.
Bonds and Structured Products
There is a wide range of bond choices and structured products, which cater to your personal goals, investment experience and risk tolerance. With our unique eye on the local and global financial markets, we strive to gain an even higher return than you expected.
Private Equity
Invest in leading private equity deals, providing access for you into exclusive projects to gain a significant reward.
Tailored Asset Management Services
Our professional team has 10+ years of experience in asset management. They are well-versed in the local market with a global vision, seeking breakthroughs and excellence.
Comprehensive insurance services are your best options to manage different risks in life. Tailor-made your very own insurance plans, including retirement, education savings, life insurance, critical illness insurance and global high-quality medical services, taking great care of you and your family.
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Tailor-made Protection Solutions
We provide one-stop tailor-made protections to accommodate your personal needs with our diversified collection of insurance instruments.
Retirement Plans
We assist you to plan and structure a retirement plan that would take you to a relaxed and fulfilling retirement life in the future while focusing on your career development.
Critical Illness Insurance Plans
We provide comprehensive coverage of critical illnesses with a lifelong protection, helping you through your recovery journey in peace and security.
Educations Funds
We provide a variety of education funds that offer a solid foundation for your child's future education needs.
Life Insurance Protection Plans
We provide flexible and all-rounded protection plans that offer a wide range of insurance combinations and payment options as well as addition of critical illness protection and disability protection components.
Global High-end Medical Care
We provide extensive insurance coverage for global hospitalisation and surgeries needs covering affiliate expenses throughout the medical treatments process.
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