Social Initiatives
Our commitment to social progress manifests through collaboration with higher education institutions and startup ecosystems, both domestically and internationally. Our aim is to nurture talent and promote industry development. We also engage deeply with communities by partnering with different NGOs to serve underprivileged groups.
Nurturing Young Talents   / 01
Establishing Scholarships and Bursaries Locally and Abroad
We have partnered with prestigious institutions including SOAS University of London, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Baptist University, and City University of Hong Kong to set up various scholarships and bursaries. These initiatives are designed to encourage students with outstanding academic performances and community engagement.
Supporting Academic Research
The Group collaborates with Hong Kong Baptist University on research projects for its program MSc in FinTech and Financial Analytics. We also serve as project supervisors to guide students in completing relevant research.
Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Work Environment   / 03
Fostering a Joyful Workplace Culture
Our group is committed to fostering a friendly and inclusive environment through flexible management strategies. This includes regularly organizing various team-building and employee activities such as dinners, games, and sporting events; we also offer flexible work hours and locations to meet team needs. Furthermore, the group was honored with the "Best Change Leadership Strategy Award" and "Top Happy Culture Award" at the CTgoodjobs 'Best HR Awards 2022'.
Enhancing Employee Well-being
The group places great emphasis on the personal growth and development of our employees. We provide various subsidies for continuous learning and regularly hold training workshops and international exchange programs. Together with our employees, we explore emerging technologies and new market trends to enhance their competitiveness in the industry and seize new market opportunities.
Giving Back to Society   / 02
Recognition as a “Caring Company”
We were awarded the “Caring Company Logo” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, recognizing the Group’s contributions to community engagement.
Eddid Volunteer Team
Our staff formed the Eddid Volunteer Team on their own initiative. They regularly collaborate with charitable organizations to organize community service activities and help people in need.
Supporting the Community During the Pandemic
During the pandemic, the Group worked closely with local charities by donating supplies to support underprivileged groups.
Supporting the Development of the Startup Ecosystem   / 04
Global Fast Track Program 2022
In partnership with InvestHK, the group participates in the Global Fast Track Program, offering guidance and advice to fintech startups, thereby fostering the development of the local startup community.
We are dedicated to practicing green finance, actively responding to the challenges brought by climate change through various measures to promote sustainable development.
Implementing Carbon Reduction Measures
The group participates in the "Green Hong Kong • Carbon Audit" program organized by the Environmental Protection Department and has signed a carbon reduction charter. We are committed to implementing carbon reduction measures, improving energy efficiency, and making every effort to reduce carbon emissions from company operations.
Promoting Waste Reduction Efforts
We are committed to practicing waste reduction at the source, have established a sustainable procurement policy, and encourage employees to recycle and reuse. We have participated in programs such as the "Red Packet Recycling and Reuse Campaign" organized by the Greeners Action.
Serving as a Member of the China Industrial Environmental Protection Promotion Association
Dr. Jerry Tse, our group's CEO, serves as the Vice President of the China Council for Industrial Environmental Protection (CIEP). He promotes various green financial service mechanisms and supports the establishment of green industrial organizations or industrial environmental protection institutions at the local level.
Corporate Governance
Effective corporate governance is the cornerstone of success. Our group has comprehensive governance and risk management policies in place and upholds strict business ethics standards to safeguard the interests of various stakeholders.
The group maintains a high level of corporate governance, adhering to standards of integrity and compliance. A series of policies regulate the compliance of our daily operations. The group has also established guidelines for all employees, setting clear ethical and behavioral standards.