About Us

Felix Man

RO of Type 1 & 2 regulated activity

Investment Strategy Director

Hong Kong Stocks | US Stocks | Futures

Felix has over 35 years of experience in financial management and operation, including banking, securities, derivatives, leveraged forex, precious metal and commodity trading,
and is especially accomplished in commodity futures trading... Learn more 點擊了解更多艾德證券期貨團隊成員


Ryan Chan

Licensed for Type 1, 2, 4 & 5 regulated activity

Associate Director

Hong Kong Stocks | US Stocks | Futures

Ryan is an experienced journalist and financial commentators. Prior to joining ESFL, he served in several financial institutions such as Freeman Securities, Yue Xiu Securities and Kaiser Financial group. Ryan often shares his views on stocks... Learn more 點擊了解更多艾德證券期貨團隊成員

Ken Hung

RO of SFC Type 3 and licensed for Type 1, 2, 4, 5 regulated activity

Senior Vice President

Hong Kong Stocks | US Stocks | Futures | Fx

Ken is RO of SFC Type 3 (Leveraged foreign exchange trading) and licensed representative of Type 1 (Dealing in securities), 2 (Dealing in futures contracts), 4 (Advising on securities), 5(Advising on futures contracts) regulated activity. He joined ... Learn more 點擊了解更多艾德證券期貨團隊成員


Edwiin Chen

Licensed for Type 4 & 5 regulated activity

Associate Director – Research

Hong Kong Stocks | US Stocks | Futures

Experienced HK stocks commentator, senior Strategic analyst with over 13 years of experience in stocks and derivatives analysis. With his solid theoretical basis and actual experience in securities market, Edwiin has been repeatedly invited ... Learn more 點擊了解更多艾德證券期貨團隊成員

Service Hotline and 24Hrs Investment Hotline Updates

Due to business needs, Eddid Securities and Futures has updated service hotline and 24hrs investment hotline below:

Service Hotline: (852)2655 0338
24Hrs Investment Hotline: (852)2655 0328

For any enquiries, please contact +852 2655 0338v or send email to cshk@eddidsec.com or cs@eddidsec.com. Thank you.